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Entrepreneurship can be a solitary-feeling path filled with fear, self-doubt and uncertainty. Space Between Thoughts was created to inspire you to get started (and keep you going). It’s a place for entrepreneurs to discover the freedom and peace in moments away from the anxiety of business-building. To commiserate in not just the ups, but also the downs of startups and side hustles.

Enjoy our signature Simple Truth email inspiration, read our honest and authentic accounts of the entrepreneurship journey, and download fun content inspired by bootstrapping life. You don’t have to eat crow alone – we’re like sharing a virtual glass (or bottle) of wine as you start-up, scale, or fold.


Simple Truth – Email Inspiration

Begin the day with a plain text email salutation, like a blunt fortune cookie for entrepreneurs.

Plus, enjoy a free download of our inspiration Road Map, emailed to you lickety-split. Prepare to kick ass!

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